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Checklist: Everway (Companion) FPG - 1995

Everway (Companion)
FPG - 1995

Notes: Thanks to Alan Phillips, Anthony Cote and Todd Jordan for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets (90): approx. 3.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No. Title Artist

1 The Crystal Palace Richard Hescox
2 Lynx Woman Chris Achilleos
3 The Sentinel Chris Achilleos
4 Bird of Prey Chris Achilleos
5 Mayhem Ken Kelly
6 The Eagle Tim White
7 Bird of Paradise Don Maitz
8 Ravens Oath Chris Achilleos
9 Flaming Pagoda Rowena Morrill
10 Maasai Chris Achilleos
11 The Offering David Cherry
12 Seduction Chris Achilleos
13 Tien Shan David Cherry
14 Arafel David Cherry
15 Fiends Tim White
16 All that Glitters David Cherry
17 A Touch of Strange Tim White
18 Dark Mermaid Rowena Morrill
19 Lovers Chris Achilleos
20 Eastern Vision David Cherry
21 Hothouse Tim White
22 The Maharaja and the Genie Darrell K. Sweet
23 Samurai Girl Chris Achilleos
24 Sorcerer's Son Richard Hescox
25 A Volume of Magic Darrell K. Sweet
26 Critical Threshold Tim White
27 Companion Travelers Chris Achilleos
28 The Heirs of Hammerfell Richard Hescox
29 Dartress Tim White
30 Delan the Mislaid Richard Hescox
31 The Great Parade Darrell K. Sweet
32 Wizard's Quarter Darrell K. Sweet
33 Luck of the Wheels Richard Hescox
34 Delicate Negotiations Darrell K. Sweet
35 All Her Pets Sanjulian
36 Waves Jeffrey Jones
37 Why was I not made of Stone like Thee? Bernie Wrightson
38 Star of Danger Tim White
39 Nocturna Bernie Wrightson
40 The Holy Jeffrey Jones
41 Moonpool Bernie Wrightson
42 The Stakeout Don Maitz
43 Run Away You Fool Don Maitz
44 Magic Pool Don Maitz
45 Kioga of the Unknown Land Richard Hescox
46 Lord of the Spiders Richard Hescox
47 For You My Dear Sanjulian
48 Snake Killer Ken Kelly
49 The Dark Door Jeffrey Jones
50 Skeleton Chair Sanjulian
51 The Laughing Cavalier Mike Ploog
52 The Open Tomb James Warhola
53 Immortal Joy James Warhola
54 All Hallows' Eve Ken Kelly
55 Orc Fire Mike Ploog
56 Death's Master Tim White
57 Demon Lord Richard Hescox
58 Frost Bite Ken Kelly
59 New Moon Sanjulian
60 The Very Devil Bernie Wrightson
61 The Mercenary Mike Ploog
62 Mask of Mystery Sanjulian
63 The Boar King Mike Ploog
64 The Book Thief Darrell K. Sweet
65 Gargoyle Mayhem James Warhola
66 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps Chris Achilleos
67 Budgie's Nest Roger Dean
68 Lion Game Tim White
69 Blue Desert Roger Dean
70 Osibisa Roger Dean
71 Guns of Avalon Tim White
72 Walk on the Wild Side Chris Achilleos
73 The Yellow Man Jeffrey Jones
74 Punkin Ladies Bernie Wrightson
75 Troglodyte Rowena Morrill
76 Green Towers Roger Dean
77 Attack on the Citadel Darrell K. Sweet
78 The Travelers Jeffrey Jones
79 To Night Jeffrey Jones
80 Consideration Jeffrey Jones
81 The Echo Jeffrey Jones
82 Freyja's Castle Roger Dean
83 Sydney Bridge Roger Dean
84 A Vision Over the Sea Rowena Morrill
85 Yesterdays Roger Dean
86 Sunshaker's War Tim White
87 Jade Sea Roger Dean
88 Blue Demon Roger Dean
89 Jungle Chris Achilleos
90 Floating Water Roger Dean


Metallic Muse Cards (1:12 packs)

M1 The Invincible Warrior Sanjulian
M2 The Tigress Ken Kelly
M3 Terror Controlled Sanjulian
M4 Aztec Sacrifice Rowena Morrill
M5 The Cry Jeffrey Jones
M6 Desert Battle Ken Kelly

These might be more properly considered promos for the full CCG set,
but those cards are much more scarce than the "Companion" card set.

P1 Jeff Miracola
P2 The Dragon Scott Kirschner
P3 (woman with sun behind her) Doug Alexander
P4 Janine Johnston
P5 (Asian building) Ian Miller
P6 (teacher and students) Roger Raupp
P7 (tiger warrior) Martin McKenna
P8 (man lying down; Pyramid) Roger Raupp
P9 (woman with llama-like beast; Pyramid) Amy Weber
P10 (horned demon warrior) Ed Lee
P11 (woman archer) Hannibal King
P12 (man with monkey) John Matron
P13 Whisper Walker Rick Berry
P14 (man in hat) Andrew Robinson
P16 Spherewalker Joe Develasco

-- (dealer sell sheet)

1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!


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