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Check Box HOT SHOTS - Special Editions

Hot Shots Special Editions

This Article covers smaller card sets, if you do not see the card you are interesed in here check the promos page. Edition sizes varied, all were factory sets or single issue promo cards. Release dates, set sizes, and promotional cards released are listed in the set descriptions. If a set was not a sell out when first released, it was often solicited later with a another edition or wound up inserted in Chronicles.

-- Salute to Brandy (1995)
Originally advertised as a 90 card set, only the 18 card Prototype set and 9 card Bonus sets were actually released. There are two promo cards. See the promo card page for info in them. A Brandy Bonus babe card exists, it was also released in Chronicles.

-- Salute to Racquel Darrian (1995)
A nine card bonus set released in 1996. The subject was porn star Racquel Darrian. A Racquel Darrian bonus card exists, it was released in Chronicles, as was the Brandy card.

-- Hot Bodz N Rods (1995)
Originally conceived as a larger set, only the 18 card factory set was released. Cards have a nude model on one side and a classic car on the other. There is one promo card.

-- Pharoahs (1995)
Originally advertised as an 81 card set, this Prototype set consists of photographs of men taken from Playgirl magazine. Only the 9 card prototype set was released. Cards had Eygptian backgrounds, and were marketed for women, but were probably much more gay interest. Probably the only major adult card male subject or gay oriented set ever released. It proved unpopular with dealers and never received wide distribution, the originally advertised 81 card set was rapidly cancelled. There is no promo card.

-- Emperors Club Membership Cards
Four are known:
  • Mimi Miyagi Volume 1 card 6 gold foil stamped
  • Elyssa Young Volume 2 card 1, also gold foil stamped
  • Phone card type with Emperors Club number hand written on front, gray with black stripe
  • Racquel phone type card, 1995, Club number hand written on back, Emperors Club Preferred Member card
-- Emperors Club Quarterly Box Sets (1994)
Four sets, marketed primarily to the Hot Shots Collectors Club, but later to dealers and the general public, limited to 3500 boxed sets. Each boxed set contained 54 cards which formed a puzzle on the back. The 54 cards were made up of 3 sets of 18 cards, each set featured the same model on both front and back. The second and third quarter sets had a bonus card, the third quarter card subject was Racquel Darrian. The first three quarter box sets were stamped and numbered on the box. The fourth set was not numbered and was limited to 500 boxes. Soon after the release of the fourth edition the Emperors Club was replaced by Knights of the Round Table. A binder was offered to members, which included a signed Erin photograph

-- Anniversary Cards
Issued to dealers and through the collectors club in the early to mid-years of Hot Shots existance, cards are known from 1994 (3rd Year Anniversary. A large fold out card--associated with Diamond Distributors), 1995 (4th Year Anniversary, June 1995 standard size card)

-- Tonya Harding--America's Bad Girl
Originally released with Penthouse One, this set was later offered as a subset to dealers.

-- Jumbo Cards
All are 3.5" x 5" cards. The first 5 card set, marked bonus and numbered 1 of 5 through 5 of 5, was released to dealers about the time of Hot Shots 5 (1995). A single members only special edition Celeste card limited to 750 was released at the same time. A 5 card jumbo set was released with Girl Girls 3. Later, jumbo cards were included as box cards in Hot Shots 7.

-- Cigar cards (1998)
Two sets, marketed with a cigar theme, at one time there was a plan to sell them through cigar stores. Both sets have 25 cards and there are two limited edition cards (Lisa and Karen). No info on edition size.

Felicia Christmas set (1998)
A Nine card Christmas set with model Felecia, marketed at the same time as the Cigar card set (thanks to those who pointed out there is no connection to the Cigar cards). 500 Autographed Cards were distributed

-- Blooper card Set (1998)
Released with the Hot Shots '98 Part Two set. This special set of 9 cards was initially marketed to the Collectors Club and later was released to dealers. The Hot Shots 5 Blooper cards inspired this set, and while those cards were popular with collectors, the models and photographers who saw this set were very unhappy that the cards (which show models yawning, sneezing, or with a poor facial expression) were released. In order to keep peace with the photographers the idea was discontinued with this set. It is fairly rare, but the edition size is not known.

-- Julie Strain autographs Set (1997)
Released with the final edition of R Cards Penthouse Series Two. This two card set consists of an autograph facsimilie and a genuine signed and numbered autograph, limited to 500. Other variant cards were made, some were placed in foil packs for Penthouse Series Two, the rest were inserted in Chronicles.

-- Julie Strain Autograph Variants
  • Cover card, no J U L I E, with black back, on back Julie wears leopard skin hat and thigh high black boots
  • Cover card, no J U L I E, with black back, on back Julie at the beach with leopard skin body suit
  • Cover card with vertical J U L I E on front Julie in Leopard skin hat and boots, back has "Penthouse" in pink letters with Julie in leather and chain suit, pictured from thighs up.
  • Cover card with vertical J U L I E on front no border on card edge, front has Julie in black lace bra and panties, sunglasses and fur coat, back has Julie and black boots holding sunglasses.
  • Card with white border around front and back, front has Julie in purple outfit, back has Julie cupping breast and covering crotch.
-- Mini-Mag and Mini-Mag Nine Card set
Released at the same time as Hot Shots Seven, the Mini-Mag set featured Models Andrea and Coco on cards a little larger than a postage stamp. The was available to dealers and collectors and was also sold as an uncut sheet. See the Hot Shots 7 page for comments on the Mini-Mag itself, only one edition was released. These cards were printed in a 10 card sheet, the 10th card is a Jennifer Knights of the Round Table card. Lloyd says he has found uncut sheets in 2 x 5 or 1 x 10 groups.

-- Mini-Mag gold foil stamped and numbered in an edition size of 125. The magazine is autographed by Sam Phillips and Jennifer. It was accompanied by a signed photo of Jennifer and a Julie Strain double sided autographed card with Julie and Sam on one side and Julie only on the other. The card was limited to 2000 so it will have been released in other ways. There was a 10 Mini-Mag case available to dealers

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Hot Shots - Mini Magazine

Was slated to be quarterly and paid for as a year subscription.
Only made Volume 1 Number 1 with variations.

Below is a photo of what Volume 1 Number 2 was suppose to look like.
This appeared on an order form received from Hot Shots.


. .
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Hello, wonder if you'd have scans of the following Hot Shots cards which I haven't been able to identify and let alone add to my collection for a couple of years now:
Emperors Club Quarterly Box Sets (1994)
The second quarter set's bonus card
Emperors Club Membership Cards
Mimi Miyagi
Volume 1 card 6 gold foil stamped
Elyssa Young
Volume 2 card 1, also gold foil stamped
Thank you.
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